Mundart Schule - dedicated to Swiss German language and culture

Do you live in Switzerland and would like to improve your communication with Swiss locals? Then you are at the right place.
Mundart Schule offers modern, competent and fun Mundart (= Swiss German) online courses for Expats and Native German speakers.
Focus on understanding, explore Swiss culture, humor and manners – and join the Schwizerdütsch community!


Improve your communication and social life in Switzerland!

Turn your German skills to Schwizerdütsch.

Join one of our next mini group courses starting in August/September 2024! 

Prefer private classes? Contact us to arrange a free, non-binding test lesson.

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Join one of our next mini group courses (3-5 participants) or build your own group!

If you would like to do a mini group course, but have a different schedule or need flexibility, please contact us.

We also offer half-private (2 participants), private (1 participant) and intense courses.

Join one of our next mini group courses starting in August/September 2024!

Our courses

The Chuchichäschtli Program For Expats 
is a full course costumized to the needs of Expats in Switzerland. 
Have you spent many hours learning German and still speak English mostly in Switzerland? Join a course and learn to understand Swiss German, find out a lot about Swiss culture and start to speak on the way!

Das Chuchichäschtli Programm Für Dütschi 

ist speziell auf die Bedürfnisse unserer Hochdeutschsprachigen Mitbürger zugeschnitten.

Lernen Sie Mundart verstehen, sprechen und dabei auch viel Nützliches über Schweizer Kultur und Humor!

The Tätschmeischter Programm 

is a follow up course focused on speaking only.
Train to act and react in Swiss German and find out more about Swiss customs and practices!

About us

Mundart Schule – at home in Switzerland

Mundart Schule is dedicated to Swiss German language and culture.
We offer exclusively Mundart (= Swiss German) courses for Expats and native German speakers.
Our aim is to improve communication between all Swiss locals by teaching not only the spoken Mundart language –
but also a lot of culture, humour and much more.
Whether you want to improve your interaction in your social or professional life:
Learning Mundart is a lot of fun and worthwhile when based in Switzerland!

We are looking forward to hear from you!
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